Chancellor’s Cup

Founded in 1994, the Queen’s Debating Union’s annual Chancellor’s Cup takes place every November on campus at Queen’s University. Chancellor’s Cup is proud of its reputation as one of the most competitive and enjoyable British Parliamentary tournaments of the academic year. This year the tournament will be organized by our Varsity Tournament Directors Myles Fox and Brandon Gusain.

This tournament was held from October 31 – November 1 2020. Thank you to all participants! Especially the following individuals for helping us run a smooth tournament:

TD: Myles Fox and Brandon Gusain

CA Team: Linnea Cox, Aidan O’Toole and Emily Xu

DCA Team: Rohan Atal, Nimai Koneru and Livi McElrea

Tabs: Brent Leung & Livi McElrea

The Varsity Tournament Director, may be reached by email at