Membership Fees

To send teams to tournaments the QDU needs money, which is why our club has a membership fee of $50. This money goes towards booking accommodations, transportation, running tournaments and internal socials. Additionally, if you attend a tournament as a debater or a judge there is a fee of $50 and $35 respectively.

Financial Aid

The Queen’s Debating Union recognizes that financial barriers to access debate exist. As such we have a generous financial aid program for our members. Should you require financial aid at any point throughout the year, please do not hesitate to contact our treasurer or fill out the form linked below.

Financial Aid Form

Reimbursement Form

If you have made an approved purchase on the club’s behalf using personal funds you are eligible for reimbursement. To be reimbursed you must fill out the below form, attach all receipts, and hand in the hard copy to the Treasurer. The President and Treasurer will then review and sign the form at which point you will be reimbursed. In the case of reimbursing Independent Adjudicators (I.A.) the Tournament Director (T.D.) will sign off on the form instead of the Treasurer. You will not be reimbursed until the form has been completed. Should special circumstances occur please contact our Treasurer for accommodation.

Invoice Request

If your institution requires a signed invoice for reimbursement purposes please email our Treasurer ( who will respond in as timely a manner as possible.